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Projects / Proyectos

CRUDE – 2016 –

Crude is a Uruguayan emerging brand, created as a graduation project on their last year of college by 14 young designers. It emerged as the result of a general wish of the designers to focus on local production and sourcing of basic materials that are usually exported to other countries. The designers all share a passion for revitalizing tradition, always generating value from their unique perspective and memories.

As a brand, CRUDE compiles 4 different collections with unique aesthetics that share the value for artisan work, textile experimentation and work with national produced materials. The unique inspiration of each collection was paramount for the designer groups, defining the focus of the garments, the general idea of the collection, shapes, materials, etc. It all evolved from very basic ideas, such as the mining of semi precious stones in AURUM, the concept of the historical neighborhood in DELSUR, the traditional figure of the gaucho in MEMBRA and the wine produced in the region that is of world renown in ZUPIA.

Each collection inside the general brand functioned as a collective, with no head designer and a modus operandi where all designers had equal say in all decisions. The same method was applied to the general brand. Its innovative view on traditional topics provided the inspiration for the creation of designs that transcend their nature of clothing and create an experience for the wearer and a feast for the senses. Crude aspires to produce lines of clothing with exceptional quality, that are unique and most importantly that transport the wearer to its country of origin.

Designers per Collection: AURUM Magdalena Fuidio Lorena Lombardo Victoria Silva DELSUR Graciana Broglio María Eugenia Borba María Clara Mendiondi María Noel Misa MEMBRA Jimena Arroyo Ana Darracq Florencia Sosa Eliana Vaucher ZUPIA Luciana Daglio María Emilia Fontana Sol Rodríguez

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Aurum springs from the most basic, the land that nurtures and produces and hides riches aplenty. It is the interior, where we can discover a world of light and color as we open an opaque rough stone. It is the uncovered value when we see beyond an exterior without shine. It is to reconnect with out inner self, with the land at our feet that saw us from birth, and that will see us, as we emerge from our growing chrysalis.

The collection is created around the relationship of the person with the universe that surrounds it. How the energy flows and transforms and never ceases to exist. It nourishes from the earth, which connects the person with the physical world, and the energy that elevates his being to a superior plane. Natural textiles like wool and silk were used mixed with pleats. Embroideries made with real semi precious stones and cotton fibers were added to its surfaces. Laser-cut designs that allow you to see through, in remembrance of the caves where semi precious stones are garnered.

The perception of the world that empowers the collection allows the wearer to transcend itself and discover the tactile and visual richness around him. Aurum is not only clothing, it is an experience. It is a way of being.

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**This collection was made as part of the last year college course.

HANABIRA – 2016 –

Hanabira means “the kiss of the petals” in Japanese. As a collection of intimates and lingerie it is born out of the Japanese custom of enjoying the ephemeral beauty of flowers in spring, aiming to bring the enjoyment of their own beauty to all women. It introduces its wearer in a tactile world where the point of touch between their skin and the garment transforms into a bond between them. Allowing women to meet themselves anew and rediscover their inner beauty.

The collection has three lines, each with its own character and difering in colour, shape and print. Lilly, Peony and Camellia. Where one is innocent and ethereal, the other is comfortable and elegant, and the last is brazen and sensual.

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 **This collection was made as part of the last year college course.

Illustrations / Ilustraciones



Lorena Lombardo is a fashion designer specialized in trend forecasting and fashion journalism. She studied at the UAL (University of London), ORT (Universidad ORT Uruguay), and took various courses about traditional craftsmanship while living in Tokyo.

She has a particular interest in trend forecasting and trend analysis. She focuses on creating content for fashion and design related brands to help them showcase their products and captivate their audiences. She particularly enjoys writing for fashion outlets and sharing her knowledge of the industry with others.

She also does freelance work regarding trend forecasting, illustration and fashion design.

You can reach her here